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Mar 9, 2004 - Write It Down, Make It Happen and Seven Day Tax Plan
Volume 3, Issue 10

The weekly ezine with a road map for sidetracked writers.

"Be better writers today than we were yesterday."

Thanks, gang, for your recommendations to your writing friends. This newsletter has been steadily growing thanks to you, and I appreciate it.

Thought for the Week -   Write It Down, Make It Happen


This week, I've found a new book for you, and I think you are going to love it.  

Write It Down, Make It Happen:  Knowing What You Want -- and Getting It! by Henriette Anne Klauser is one of those books you just keep reading and re-reading, because it is chock full of so much wisdom.  Each chapter provided at least one (and sometimes more) nuggets of brilliance.  Some of my favorites include: 

  • there's no "right way" to write down a goal, 
  • it's OK to get frustrated when your goals don't go the way you think they should -- just keep writing about it and how you feel, 
  • start from your destination and figure out how to get there,
  • keep on writing when you'd rather stop,
  • celebrate and acknowledge the victories in your life,
  • your goals may not happen the way you intend them to, 
  • and lots more.

In each chapter, you'll learn about an ordinary person who took the time to write down what they wanted and how their goals came into existence (or not!) once they started writing about it.  You learn about how Janine was able to live and travel in Europe and how Gloria met her soul mate just by writing about him   The powerful stories in this book examine just how challenging it can be to make your goals a reality. Find out more and buy the book from Amazon.

What am I writing down this week?  I want to finish my taxes by next week!  Check out the seven-day tax plan below, and get your refund early this year. 

Also, just to let you know, for those of you who have been long-time subscribers, periodically over the next couple months I'll be rerunning some old favorite columns to free up some time for new projects... and plant some spring flowers.  
Let's Write More in 2004!



P.S.  "This week, I had the pleasure of reading The Organized Writer and interviewing author Julie Hood. This is a book no writer should be without....
-- Michael Knowles,

Read more from our chat and his review....

or you can read more reviews or buy the ebook from 


==> Tax returns! By the way, I'm assuming you have already accumulated your income and expenses for 2003 and bought your tax software.  If not, don't worry.  Start there (it will take less time than you think) and then jump into the seven-day plan!

Buy your software today. I've seen good deals on tax software at Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, Office Max and Office Depot.  Of course, there's always Amazon.

Seven-Day Tax Plan: Day 1
What's new? Do you need an accountant? Are you international?

Read about the changes to the tax law for the 2003 tax season


If you plan to use an accountant, get an appointment today. The following list of questions will help you evaluate the specialists.

The best place to find an accountant is through other writers and authors you know. Try to find someone who works with authors and knows the types of deductions commonly taken.

You can also use Yahoo! yellow pages (search for "accountant") and maps to find an accountant in your area:


For our international subscribers, read the US Tax Guide for
Aliens to determine if you need to file income tax on money
earned from US sources:

Yahoo! also has resources for Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany and Korea:


Seven-Day Tax Plan: Day 2
Not Sure Where to Start?

Read the Writer's Pocket Tax Guide online at

or get a tax guide to help you. I get a different one each year. Last  year I read Taxes for Dummies, a huge volume which tries to make the boring subject of taxes a little more fun (chapter 8 is entitled The Rest of the 1040 and Other Yucky Forms). 

This year's book is from tax guru, Julian Block: Tax Tips For Freelance Writers, Photographers and Artists.  The book answers those tricky freelance questions like "Can I record unpaid income as bad debts?" and "What if my 1099 includes
reimbursed expenses?" He also explains some of the 2003
tax law changes and how freelancers can use depreciation.

One of the biggest hurdles for freelancers is maintaining a
business status. Block explains what's important to
consider, how to get free help from the IRS and how to
legitimately hire your children to help with your business.

I particularly like how this book addresses some of the
most complicated issues facing freelancers today. To get
your copy, send $9.95 for an e-mailed copy or $14.95 for a
postpaid, printed copy to Julian Block, 3 Washington Sq.,
#1-G, Larchmont, NY 10538.

You can also take Julian's continuing ed course called "Tax
Tips For Freelance Writers, Photographers And Artists." The
New School in New York City and several colleges in
neighboring Westchester County will offer the one-session
course in April and May. For more information, contact
Julian at

Seven-Day Tax Plan: Day 3
Gather Your Tax Stuff

Grab your Taxes 2003 folder (remember we made that folder back in January?) and last year's taxes. Use the following tax prep checklist to make sure you've got everything in one place:

Gather anything you are missing. At a minimum, for your writing business, you need receipts showing how much income you earned and how much you spent on expenses. You should also have records of your queries and submissions.

Seven-Day Tax Plan: Day 4
How Will You File?

If you are not using an accountant, will you do your taxes with a software or by hand? 

Or get paper copies of the necessary forms at your local library or from:

We use TurboTax, and it really cuts down on the headaches involved in math mistakes and the writing and erasing. Plus I love the interview feature that asks me questions to walk me through the return. 

Seven-Day Tax Plan: Day 5
Today's the Day

Sit down, and start entering! And plan lots of chocolate breaks. 

Read these tips to avoid an audit


Seven-Day Tax Plan: Day 6
Finish Up

Finish up today. Fill in any holes, do a final review, check your social security numbers, and make sure you sign your return.

For my final review, I lay the 2002 and 2003 returns next to each other and compare.  Where are the numbers different?  Can I explain why?  This is an easy way to spot mistakes.

Seven-Day Tax Plan: Day 7
In the Mail

Head to the copy center, and make copies of all your important documentation.

Don't forget to file the return so you can find it back next year.

Note the following information, and stick it in your Taxes 2004 folder. It will help with planning for next year:

Wages, Salaries, and Tips
Total income
Adjusted gross income
Taxable income
Total refund or payment

Then get your return in the mail. 

It's over  -- time to celebrate! You are way ahead of the game and will be one of the first to get a refund.

Like Organized  You'll love the ebook..... 

"Julie, I love your book. I have read (or at least opened) more than a trunk load of books about writing over the years. Yours is the first I have seen that gives readers so much in one place. For me, the Master List and putting that together was more than worth the cost."

-- David Stoddard
Motivational writer, trainer and publisher of the
Terrific Life Concepts ezine.
Click HERE for a separate screen for printing.


DRAW daily (Declutter-Read-Assess-Write)
What is this? 

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ 1. Declutter (only 5 minutes)
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ 2. Read (only 5 minutes)
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ 3. Assess (30 seconds to 5 minutes)
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ 4. Write (at least 5 minutes)

Weekly Checklist

For freelance writers: Use this weekly checklist to find, write and send a query every week of 2004!

__ Make notes on a new idea.

Tuesday: Accounting Day
__ Post your accounting records.
__ Pay bills.
__ Follow up on outstanding invoices and queries.

__ Find a new market using links below.

Thursday: Errand Day
__ Make copies.
__ Return books to library.
__ Make deposit at bank.

__ Finish query and submit.
__ Match your query to the market.

Saturday Weekly Review
__ How was this week?
__ What's up next week?
__ Review your Projects list in your planner and check the
__ Jot the next action steps for your projects on next week's
__ Backup your computer files.
__ Virus scan your computer.
__ Update windows software at
__ Update Microsoft(R)  office software at

__ Relax and enjoy!
__ Do something fun today!


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